Emberthrone (Dance Gavin Dance, Ex-Fallujah, Etc.) Premiere “A Bitter Path” Music Video

Emberthrone (Dance Gavin Dance, ex-Fallujah, etc.) have premiered a new video for their new song “A Bitter Path.” This track is from the band’s new EP “Godless Wonder,” which will be released on June 10. Vocalist Monte Barnard said the following about the song:

“This song is ultimately about a toxic balancing of one’s former and current outlook on life. The frustration, vitriol and overall disappointment we all inevitably come to feel in at least some parts of our existence. The regret of choices that now seem all too clear and the coping mechanisms one’s brain adopts to assuage that pain, slowly calcifying what was once vibrant. We wanted the music video to reflect that duality; in the darkest depths of your own mind, no matter how hard you lash out, the scariest thing is still your own psyche.”