Abbie Falls Sign With Seek And Strike Records, Premiere “Parasite” Music Video

Abbie Falls have signed a new deal with Seek And Strike Records. With this news, the band have also shared an official video for their new song “Parasite.” That track will appear on their upcoming EP “Hell Is Other People.”

The group commented:

“We’re so excited about ‘Parasite‘! If you like breakdowns, fast riffs and raw energy bleeding from your speakers, you’re gonna love this. It’s melodic and modern fucking heavy music! Our upcoming EP (due late Spring) is all about that heaviness. The lyrical content is depicting an individual’s inner struggles with our self-destructive behaviors, toxic surroundings, substance abuse or any other negative influences.

We assure you, this is our best music video yet and the song’s hectic madness is greatly reflected by our performances throughout the clip. We had so much fun shooting it and every time we can go out together and play it’s an opportunity to go totally mad and let the steam out. That’s what’s most enjoyable for us and this video perfectly captured our raw energy and strong live performance.

This also marks our first official release with our new label, Seek And Strike. This is an amazing partnership with like-minded people who share the same goals as we do. We’re most looking forward to touring and playing live shows again. Sharing our love for music with our fans in person is what it’s all about because music exists to connect with people.

We love extreme music and ‘Parasite‘ is our tribute to all the genres we love and on the other hand, it’s something completely new that we felt was missing in today’s scene. We make music that we would love to go see live and mosh-pit to. It’s our most sincere form of expressing our love to heavy music and paying back the community that shaped us.”