Lordi Premiere New Song “Thing In The Cage”

Lordi have premiered a lyric video for their new song “Thing In The Cage.” This track is from the band’s new album “Screem Writers Guild,” which will be released on March 31. Mr. Lordi said the following about the song:

“In the making of this song we were guided by old sideshows or freak shows. Arranged a little differently, it could have passed musically as a disco hit and I think that it is still such at its core, only its hard rock production gives it a Lordi-typical garb. The bass track of the track, on the other hand, definitely keeps the disco vibe alive. We have never looked very deeply into the creation of our costumes and masks, which is why the accompanying lyric video is something special, as it lets the fans look behind the scenes of that process. Even if the video itself does not seem to be particularly spectacular, it is quite capable of showing how we mutate into such eerily beautiful figures time and time again.”

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