Candlemass Announce 35th Anniversary Deluxe Edition Of “Nightfall”

Candlemass have announced that they will be releasing a 35th anniversary deluxe edition of “Nightfall” on March 10. The effort will be available as a remastered limited-edition deluxe 3xLP box set.

Here’s the track listing:

LP 1 – “Nightfall” remastered:

A.1. “Gothic Stone” (2022 Remaster) [01:00]
A.2. “The Well Of Souls” (2022 Remaster) [07:17]
A.3. “Codex Gigas” (2022 Remaster) [02:20]
A.4. “At The Gallows End” (2022 Remaster) [05:48]
A.5. “Samarithan” (2022 Remaster) [05:30]
B.1. “Marche Funebre” (2022 Remaster) [02:22]
B.2. “Dark Are The Veils Of Death” (2022 Remaster) [07:08]
B.3. “Mourner`s Lament” (2022 Remaster) [06:10]
B.4. “Bewitched” (2022 Remaster) [06:38]
B.5. “Black Candles” (2022 Remaster) [02:19

LP 2 – “Alternate Mixes And Studio Outtakes“:

C.1. “Dark Are The Veils Of Death” (Early Guitar Mix) [07:09]
C.2. “At The Gallows End” (Early Guitar Mix) [05:49]
C.3. “The Well Of Souls” (Early Guitar Mix) [07:21]
D.1. “Mourner`s Lament” (Early Guitar Mix) [05:19]
D.2. “Samarithan” (Early Guitar Mix) [05:31]
D.3. “Codex Gigas” (Early Guitar Mix) [03:02]
D.4. “Bewitched” (Early Guitar Mix) [06:33]

LP3 – “Demos & Rehearsals“:

E.1. “Dark Are The Veils Of Death v1” (Rehearsal 1987) [06:43]
E.2. “Codex Gigas” (Rehearsal 1987) [02:32]
E.3. “Dark Are The Veils Of Death v2” (Rehearsal 1987) [06:52]
E.4. “The Well Of Souls” (Rehearsal 1987) [07:08]
F.1. “Samarithan” (Rehearsal 1987) [05:08]
F.2. “Mourner`s Lament” (Rehearsal 1987) [05:36]
F.3. “Bewitched” (Demo 1987) [07:11]
F.4. “Battlecry” (Demo 1987) [06:07]

Bassist Leif Edling commented:

“‘Nightfall‘ is a record that has been very close to me for 35 years! People have talked about it for 35 years, and even loved it for 35 years!! Here’s a very impressive package with lots of extra stuff for the jubilee. Should satisfy any fan of metal and also all of you that already bought the album years ago!”

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