Ov Sulfur Share Video For New Song “Befouler” Featuring Slaughter To Prevail’s Alex Terrible

Ov Sulfur have premiered a new video for their new song “Befouler.” The track, which features Slaughter To Prevail’s Alex Terrible, is from the band’s new album “The Burden Ov Faith,” which will be released on March 24.

Vocalist Ricky Hoover (ex-Suffokate) commented:

“Breaking away from our constant blasphemy, ‘Befouler‘ focuses on real-life heretics who say one thing to your face but believe another. They use this false front as a pathetic defense to slowly plot your demise.

This type of life became foreign to me in my years away from the music industry, but it seems the more you’re in the public eye, the more you face dissenters and weaklings. I’ve made so many great friends through the industry, but this one is a middle finger to those who are too cowardly to even spit in your face because they only open their mouth while hiding theirs.”

Guitarist Chase Wilson added:

“This is easily our most energetic song. The technical riffing keeps you banging your head so hard you just might get lightheaded while singing along to the anthemic chorus – shout out to Ricky! By the time you get to the end, you’ve basically given yourself short-term memory loss and forgotten that Alex Terrible comes in to just bludgeon you to death on the final breakdown.

For the video, we went with a tale of revenge that ties our early single and EP artworks to ‘The Burden Ov Faith‘. Rather than go with the typical animated video, we wanted it to be almost like a moving painting or storybook, complete with hyper-stylized art from the super talented Anastasia Solti. We had our friend Dylan Gould add some extra effects to really make it pulse with the music, and we’re very excited to have a unique visual for one of our collective favorite songs from the album!”

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