Year Of The Knife Surprise Release New EP “Dust To Dust”

Year Of The Knife have surprise released a new EP titled “Dust To Dust.“ The effort features three songs including “CTRL+C,” “Victim,” and the title track. Vocalist Madi Watkins said the following about the EP:

“’The Dust to Dust’ EP is a product of everything we’ve been inspired by since our last record. We used the unexpected downtime to focus all of our energy on writing, and wanted to combine our existing sound with these new influences to push our boundaries and make our most pissed songs yet. This EP is an evolution in the direction of our sound while staying true to the core of our inspiration and values. Being straight edge is something that has always connected and driven the band, and that is still heavily present. Building from that thematic foundation, my lyrics are through the lens of my own experiences and demons.”

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