Slipknot’s Corey Taylor Wants To Record A Double Concept Album

During a recent Q&A session at the “Monster-Mania Con” in Oaks, PA, Slipknot’s Corey Taylor expressed a desire to record a new double album with the band. The frontman says he already has “a good idea for a double concept record with a whole story line that goes along with it.”

Taylor said the following when asked about recent comments from his bandmate M. Shawn “Clown” Crahan, who said the band may move away from full-length albums:

“It’s kind of difficult to get 9 people in the same place anymore because we’re old and dicks (laughs), but the cool thing is that we all still get excited about good ideas. Jim [Root] & Mick [Thomson] are so good at writing music, me and Clown work really well coming up with stuff together, V-Man is actually really good. So we’ve done so much in our career that at this point we could sit back and just do EP’s or I’ve got a good idea for a double concept record with a whole story line that goes along with it that I would love to do.

But the cool thing is that we’ve kind of established our history, so whatever comes next will naturally be something that we want to do so whether it’s going in and just blast out a couple psycho tunes and just have fun doing that or we go in and do a very elaborate plan like the story line or something, either way it’ll be something we’re totally into and I try to back, I back the group, ya know?

At this point we’ve released so much music and we’re off our label now so the kinda sky’s our limit, we can do whatever we want so whatever we do next will be something we are all on the same page for which is something you can’t always say.”

[via Rock N Roll Experience]


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