Ash Costello On Upcoming New Years Day Album: “We’ve Now Switched To A Really Positive, Happy, Energetic, Full-Of-Life Sound”

During a recent interview with 105.5 WDHA, New Years Day singer Ash Costello discussed the band’s upcoming album. According to her, the effort will have “a really positive, happy, energetic, full-of-life sound.”

Costello said the following:

“We’re about halfway through the [new] album right now. I’d been touring basically for six solid years hardcore straight — we’re talking eight months out of the year; never home for my birthday; miss my mom all the time; miss my dogs. And I kind of took COVID as… I was relieved, honestly. And I think I needed to rest and I needed to stop. And I’m not the kind of person that would ever do it on my own; I would need some sort of natural disaster to get me to actually stop and rest, which is what happened.

So I took my time. I let life happen to me. And I got married. And so now I have nothing, romantic relationship-wise, to be angry about anymore, which is predominantly what used to inspire my songwriting. And so I tapped into something else that I never had before, and it was a positivity and a hopefulness that I was starting to feel reveal itself in me — finally, after so many years of just kind of surviving. Which is totally what I was doing — I was just on survival mode. And the music reflects that, especially on ‘Unbreakable’.

I look back and there’s some guitar riffs on there where I definitely was expressing my unhappiness and my anger with those guitar riffs — particularly on a song called ‘Unbreakable’, because it’s almost unlistenable, ’cause it’s so heavy and ugly and angry. And so we’ve now switched to a really positive, happy, energetic, full-of-life sound. And I can’t believe I even made it to this point in my life, let alone musically.”

This news comes after Costello previously said the record will find the band “going way heavy and way pop all at the same time.”

[via Blabbermouth]

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