Ash Costello On Upcoming New Years Day Album: “We’re Going Way Heavy And Way Pop All At The Same Time”

During a recent interview with Rock Sound, New Years Day singer Ash Costello discussed the band’s upcoming album. According to her, the group will be “going way heavy and way pop all at the same time.”

Costello said the following:

“The record is about halfway done right now. And we’re not rushing it. We’ve just been kind of coasting through [it]. We’ve probably written about 30 songs; maybe seven have made the cut. So I’m being very picky — I’m being very, very, very picky on what I wanna put out there this time around, where before it was, like, ‘Hurry up. Make a record and we can tour. Put out what you can.’ Not this time. I’m really taking my time. And I’m in love with all the music. We’ve already chosen the next single and I cannot wait. I think it’s even better [than the recently released ‘Hurts Like Hell‘]. This one was like an introduction into what we’re doing. The next one is, like, ‘We’re here. We’re not going anywhere. This is the sound.'”

She also added the following about the writing process:

“Jeremy Valentyne, who is now back in the band, has been a writer this whole time. He never really left the band completely; he just wasn’t touring. So he helped write our ‘Diary Of A Creep’ EP [2018] and our ‘Unbreakable’ album, so we’re continuing to write with Jeremy. And the same two producers I used on ‘Unbreakable’, which is Mitch Marlow, who’s responsible for bands like IN THIS MOMENT, and Scott Stevens. Scott Stevens [has co-written with] DOROTHY, DIAMANTE, IN THIS MOMENT, SHINEDOWN, HALESTORM, LILITH CZAR. You name it — you name it, especially a woman in rock, he’s helped her create the vision. So we’re continuing on working with him.”

She then continued when asked what she learned from the “Unbreakable” sessions:

“I feel like ‘Unbreakable’ was the first time I really was daring. Songs like ‘Unbreakable’ where I said, ‘I wanna make a guitar riff that’s unlistenable. I want it to be so ugly and terrible sounding that it’s just enough where you can kind of fathom it.’ And so I felt like we experimented a lot with that sound. And then I feel like with ‘Shut Up’ where we had experimented with a more pop sound — not pop-rock, but a pop element and then giving it a rock twist. So it’s gonna be a lot more of that on this record. So we’re going way heavy and way pop all at the same time. It’s hard to walk the fine line, but when you nail it, it’s very rewarding, I think.”

[via Blabbermouth]

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