Fear Factory Planning To Reveal New Vocalist In February

During an appearance on Hatebreed frontman Jamey Jasta‘s “The Jasta Show,” Fear Factory guitarist Dino Cazares offered an update on the band’s new singer. The guitarist says the group are planning to reveal the identity of the mystery musician in February.

Cazares said the following:

“Fear Factory singer and music will be coming just before the [group’s North American] tour with Static-X. End of February is the first show, so just before that we’ll be releasing the single and the singer. And then boom — right on the road.”

He went on to say that he has already been working with the singer for a year:

“It’s just a lot of developing. You know, Fear Factory is precious to a lot of people, and so I’ve gotta make sure that it’s right. I wanted to release some tracks a while ago with the singer, but then I had nothing behind it — no tour or anything like that — so the hype was gonna die down quick. So I wanna do it around a tour; that way you’ve got something to work. And I just didn’t wanna release his name too quick, because no one’s gonna care by the time I release a track a year later. So I want it all to be done together.”

[via Blabbermouth]

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