Outlanders (Ex-Nightwish, Etc.) Share Visualiser For New Song “Land Of Sea And Sun”

Outlanders, the band featuring ex-Nightwish singer Tarja Turunen and EDM artist Torsten Stenzel, have premiered a new song titled “Land Of Sea And Sun.” This track features former Megadeth guitarist Marty Friedman and you can find a visualiser for it below:

Turunen commented:

“‘Land Of Sea And Sun’ was the last song I wrote for Outlanders.

The locals call Antigua as the land of sea and sun and you can see that expression everywhere you go, even in the license plates of the cars.

With the title set and all the images, sounds and scents of Antigua in mind, I approached the songwriting differently this time: in a weird twist, I become the island itself as the storyteller for this song.

Even though the song is very much inspired and shaped by the island chill, it happened to turn out kind of a rock song. I had this feeling since the first moment, so I knew I wanted a rocker with lots of sensitivity for the guitar parts. I approached my friend Kiko Loureiro to ask his help to get in touch with guitarist Marty Friedman. Kiko very kindly connected us.

I absolutely love what Marty did in the song. He embraced the song and added beautiful harmonies and moods to it. Marty really understood what I was looking for. I am super happy with the results of this one and I do hope you all will love it as well.

Outlanders rocks!”

“The visualiser for ‘Land of Sea and Sun’ was basically filmed in my favorite spot in Antigua: Jolly Harbour. The two beaches you see on the images are the North and the South beaches of Jolly Harbour Marina.

Countless times I have been sitting, strolling, swimming, but also writing songs on these shores. Many melodies were born while watching the sunsets. The surroundings are so very calm and inspiring there.

As you might notice, there are barely people around and that solitude is one of the reasons why I love the place so much. Antigua was and still is my ‘hiding’ spot.

It is even more beautiful when you get to see it from the water side. The beauty of the island really stands out when you ride the waves with a boat. You can still discover many secluded beaches as well. The colour of the water is a pristine turquoise and blue.

We spent few hours cruising with Torsten´s Salty Belle boat. We had fun!

I hope you enjoy the land of sea and sun as much as we do in Outlanders.”

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