The Gloom In The Corner Premiere “From Heaven To Hell” Music Video

The Gloom In The Corner have premiered a new video for their new song “From Heaven To Hell.” This track is from their new album “Trinity,” which will be released on October 28. Frontman Mikey Arthur commented:

“‘From Heaven To Hell’ drops you into the world of The Rabbit Hole and introduces you to our main cast. It explores how they died in our previous story’s arc, what they’ve been up to since their deaths, and where they are now. Guiding the characters and you through the track is the ominous Narrator, cloaked in a black robe. There are various depictions of Hell, generally focussed around fire and brimstone, pure evil, and sonically brooding or crushingly heavy. Our version of Hell runs differently; it’s chaotic, it’s operatic, and it’s different for every character. Time is inconsistent, non-linear, shifting backwards and forwards without warning. Welcome to the Rabbit Hole.”

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