P.O.D. To Release Remixed And Remastered Version Of “When Angels & Serpents Dance” In October

P.O.D. will be re-releasing “When Angels & Serpents Dance” on October 14. The updated effort has been remixed and remastered and it will come with several bonus tracks.

“When Angels & Serpents Dance” Track Listing:

01. “Addicted”
02. “Shine With Me”
03. “Condescending”
04. “It Can’t Rain Everyday”
05. “Kaliforn-Eye-A” (feat. Mike Muir)
06. “I’ll Be Ready” (feat. The Marley Girls)
07. “End Of The World”
08. “This Ain’t No Ordinary Love Song”
09. “God Forbid” (feat. Page Hamilton)
10. “Roman Empire”
11. “When Angels & Serpents Dance”
12. “Tell Me Why”
13. “Rise Against”

Bonus Tracks:

14. “Don’t Fake It”
15. “Ridin’ With You”
16. “Walk On Water”

You can find a remixed and remastered version of “Addicted” below:

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