Senses Fail Team Up With Connie Sgarbossa (SeeYouSpaceCowboy) For New Song “End Of The World / A Game Of Chess”

Senses Fail have premiered a new video for their new song “End Of The World / A Game Of Chess.” This track features Connie Sgarbossa (SeeYouSpaceCowboy) and it will appear on the band’s new album “Hell Is In Your Head,” which is set to be released on July 15. Buddy Nielsen commented:

“‘End Of The World‘ was written about generational trauma. How it passes down through families and how I vow to end it and not pass it to my daughter. My grandparents were alcoholics. Alcoholism claimed my uncle’s life and most recently my mother’s. Most of my family were involved in some form of war within every generation. The trauma they faced and endured shaped me and I have tried to do the work to resolve it.”

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