Vampires Everywhere! Premiere “Tear Me Down” Music Video

Vampires Everywhere! have premiered a new video for their new single “Tear Me Down.” You can check that out below:

Michael Vampire told Outburn the following:

“I am excited to announce the new Vampires Everywhere single ‘Tear Me Down.’ This would be the first time in VE history that I ever tackled lyrics about myself. I tend to focus on my past relationships because it’s cathartic to release those demons on paper. However, this time around I couldn’t help myself. The song is about my struggles in the music industry. It’s about the torment I faced being different and the hardships associated with resurrecting myself three different times. If anything, it’s a positive song because I’m still here talking about it.

I wrote this track with my guitar player Craig Pirtle. We wanted to focus on combining both elements of goth, metalcore, and pop punk. We always make a conscious effort to keep our songs sounding current and fresh. It’s easy to get lost in nostalgia. It’s hard to write something old that you grew up on and attempt to wipe the dust off of it. I feel we definitely achieved what we set out to do. Big thank you to Nick Sampson for the amazing mix/master.

The music video was shot in downtown Los Angeles. I wanted to involve the whole band in the storyline without saturating the video with the underlying plot. The story is about a coven of vampires. The vampire witch (Ariel Peake) is negatively influencing the leaders of the coven. After I discover her treachery, I confront her and she turns to black magic to paralyze both of the coven leaders. Then taking over the coven. The whole plot is a metaphor for losing control.”

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