Mikkey Dee (Scorpions, Motörhead) Honored As “Gothenburger Of The Year”

Yesterday (November 27), Mikkey Dee (Scorpions, Motörhead) was presented with the honorary “Gothenburger Of The Year” title in Gothenburg, Sweden. As part of the award, the drummer’s name was placed on a tram and he got to drive “40 tons of metal to the Queens Square where he [was] honored in front of fans and the people of Gothenburg.” Gothenburg city officials commented:

“We, the people of Gothenburg, feel an enormous pride that we have an artist of the world of this caliber in our city. For over 40 years Mikkey has performed with an amazing passion in some of the biggest bands in the world. He is true inspiration for all of us as well as young musicians”.

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