Watch Mastodon, Carcass, Bad Wolves, & Spirit Adrift Members Cover Metallica’s “Blackened”

“Two Minutes To Late Night” host Jordan “Gwarsenio Hall” Olds has joined forces with Troy Sanders (Mastodon), Doc Coyle (Bad Wolves), Nate Garrett (Spirit Adrift), and Daniel Wilding (Carcass) for a cover of Metallica’s “Blackened.“ You can check that out below. “Two Minutes To Late Night” had the following to say about the cover:

“Black Friday is now “Blackened” Friday where we honor Lars Ulrich‘s famous catfish recipe (but ours has little more bass and paprika). Plus we reversed the BPMs of the riffs so the fast parts are slow and slow parts are fast. WOWIE ZOWIE! This is our 50th bedroom cover made with the support of Patreon. Become a Patreon patron today and get access to exclusive rewards like patches, t-shirts, even custom songs! Plus, you get to see every cover we make before it publicly premieres. We will be donating all of the Patreon proceds and artist payments from this song to The Sunrise Movement whose mission to combat change head on. You can also donate to them here.“

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