Kill The Lights Recruit Ex-Bullet For My Valentine Bassist Jay James, Premiere New Song “Chasing Shadows”

Kill The Lights, the project featuring drummer Michael “Moose” Thomas (ex-Bullet For My Valentine), vocalist James Clark (ex-Throw The Fight), and guitarists Jordan Whelan (Still Remains) and Travis Montgomery (Threat Signal), have officially welcomed Jay James (ex-Bullet For My Valentine) to the band as their new bassist. With this news, the group have also premiered a new song titled “Chasing Shadows.” The band said the following about that:

“‘Chasing Shadows‘ is the perfect song, lyrically, to re-introduce Jay and his talents to the world. The lyrics discuss the mental struggle of living with past decisions and failures, and the effort it takes to get back to the top. ‘Chasing Shadows‘ is about proving the doubters wrong and showing the world through sweat, blood, and tears that you are and always were good enough!”

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