David Draiman Says Disturbed Are Working On “Amazing New Material”

During a recent interview with Meltdown of Detroit’s WRIF, David Draiman offered an update on the new music that the band are currently working on. According to him, the new material is “pretty amazing.”

Draiman said the following:

“We spent the past week [or] two coming up with some pretty amazing new DISTURBED material that we are very, very excited about. There’s nothing like playing live to inspire you, and it definitely seemed like it broke the seal. And now we’re all guns blazing. We’re very, very excited.”

“We have about six to eight skeletal song structures and ideas. So, like progressions and melodies. No actual definitive lyrics finalized yet. It’s very much in infancy. But we can already tell from the combination of riffs and melodies and rhythms that a bunch of these ideas are just as good [as] or better than anything we’ve done. It’s right in the zone of traditional DISTURBED — it’s rhythmic, powerful, syncopated, anthemic. It’s exactly what we were kind of thirsting for.”

The frontman also explained why the band chose not to work on new music during their coronavirus downtime:

“Everybody had their own basket of wonderful stuff to deal with during the past couple of years. I think that we needed to spend more time focusing on our families for ourselves during that particular period of time. We didn’t have a whole lot of ability to come together as a band to create; there was just too much going on in everybody’s respective situation. So now that the smoke is clearing and things are starting to crawl back toward some sense of normalcy together with, again, re-embracing the live experience, it’s very refreshing. And we couldn’t be more inspired.”

[via Blabbermouth]

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