Ulver To Release “Scary Muzak” On Halloween

Ulver will be releasing a new album titled “Scary Muzak” on Halloween (October 31). The effort will feature seven tracks inspired by 70s and 80s horror movies and five covers of themes from filmmaker John Carpenter.

“Scary Muzak” Track Listing:

01. “Aleen Howl”
02. “Ateliers Hume”
03. “Genet Nightingale”
04. “Addi Feld Hon”
05. “Alchemist Salk”
06. “Boo Sackcloth”
07. “Evil Longbows”
08. “Club Fuego”
09. “Achilles Milk”
10. “ECM Panorama”
11. “Redrum Al Brut”
12. “RIP Brouhaha”

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