Kreator To Release 20th Anniversary Edition Of “Violent Revolution” And “Bootleg Revolution” Live Album

Kreator will be releasing a 20th anniversary edition of “Violent Revolution” and a new live album called “Bootleg Revolution” on January 21. Pre-orders are available HERE. The 20th anniversary edition of “Violent Revolution” will be available in the following formats: digital album, CD jewelcase, CD digipak, double LP, cassette, and limited edition 4LP+2CD boxset. The latter will feature an exclusive Kreator comic book called “Graphic Violence – Chapter 1.”

“Violent Revolution” Track Listing:

01. “Reconquering The Throne”
02. “The Patriarch”
03. “Violent Revolution”
04. “All Of The Same Blood”
05. “Servant In Heaven – King In Hell”
06. “Second Awakening”
07. “Ghetto War”
08. “Replicas Of Life”
09. “Slave Machinery”
10. “Bitter Sweet Revenge”
11. “Mind Of Fire”
12. “System Decay”

“Bootleg Revolution” Track Listing:

01. “Violent Revolution” (Live in Brazil)
02. “Reconquering The Throne” (Live in Brazil)
03. “Extreme Aggression” (Live in Korea)
04. “People Of The Lie” (Live in Korea)
05. “All Of The Same Blood” (Live in Korea)
06. “Phobia” (Live In Korea)
07. “Pleasure To Kill” (Live in Korea)
08. “Renewal” (Live in Korea)
09. “Servant In Heaven – King In Hell” (Live in Brazil)
10. “Terrible Certainty” (Live in Korea)
11. “Riot Of Violence” (Live in Korea)
12. “Terrorzone” (Live in Brazil)
13. “Betrayer” (Live in Brazil)
14. “Lost” (Live in Brazil)
15. “Coma Of Souls” (Live in Brazil)
16. “Flag Of Hate” (Live at Wacken)
17. “Tormentor” (Live at Wacken)
18. “Violent Revolution” (Live in Istanbul)
19. “Reconquering The Throne” (Live in Istanbul)
20. “Extreme Aggression” (Live in Istanbul)
21. “People Of The Lie” (Live in Istanbul)
22. “All Of The Same Blood” (Live in Istanbul)
23. “Phobia” (Live in Istanbul)
24. “Servant In Heaven – King In Hell” (Live in Istanbul)
25. “Terrible Certainty” (Live in Istanbul)
26. “Riot Of Violence” (Live in Istanbul)
27. “Betrayer” (Live in Istanbul)
28. “Flag Of Hate” (Live in Istanbul)
29. “Tormentor” (Live in Istanbul)
30. “The Patriarch” (Live at Waldrock)
31. “Violent Revolution” (Live at Waldrock)
32. “Reconquering The Throne” (Live at Waldrock)
33. “Extreme Aggression” (Live at Waldrock)
34. “People Of The Lie” (Live at Waldrock)
35. “All Of The Same Blood” (Live at Waldrock)
36. “Phobia” (Live at Waldrock)
37. “Pleasure To Kill” (Live at Waldrock)
38. “Renewal” (Live at Waldrock)
39. “Servant In Heaven – King In Hell” (Live at Waldrock)
40. “Flag Of Hate” (Live at Waldrock)
41. “Tormentor” (Live at Waldrock)

A live version of “Servant In Heaven – King In Hell” from “Bootleg Revolution” can be found below:

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