All Hail The Yeti Premiere “Bury Your Memory” Music Video

All Hail The Yeti have premiered a new video for their new song “Bury Your Memory.” This track is from the band’s new EP “Within The Hollow Earth,” which will be released on November 12.

Frontman Connor Garrity said the following about the new song and video:

“’Bury Your Memory’ was one of the first songs we completed for this EP and I immediately knew that it would be the first single. It feels very much like a traditional AHTY song, reminiscent of our self-titled record.”

“Shooting with Brian Cox is always a pleasure. He took my idea for a visual concept and ran with it. It’s like nothing that any metal band is doing right now.”

He also added the following about the EP:

“’Within The Hollow Earth’ has been hiding in the shadows for almost two years, and now it is peeking through the darkness to shed light on a dim music scene. We cannot wait to unleash this on the world. The past couple years have been difficult for all of us and the excitement of releasing this has been taken away more times than I can remember. ‘Within The Hollow Earth’ will offer blue skies for this bleak world. We are very proud of the work and feel very confident that it paints a perfectly beautiful picture of how horrific life can be.”

“Within The Hollow Earth” Track Listing:

01. “Bury Your Memory”
02. “Headless Valley”
03. “Funeral Heart”
04. “Nidavellir”
05. “Cold Dead Leaves”
06. “Cry Of The Waheela”
07. “The Great Dying”
08. “Sex Type Thing” (CD bonus track)

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