Living Wreckage (Anthrax, Shadows Fall, Etc.) Premiere “One Foot In The Grave” Video

Living Wreckage, the band featuring Jeff Gard (Death Ray Vision), Jon Donais (Anthrax, Shadows Fall), Matt LeBreton (Downpour), Matt Bachand (Shadows Fall, Act Of Defiance), and Jon Morency (Let Us Prey), have premiered a new video for the title track of their new EP “One Foot In The Grave.” That effort was officially released today (September 1). The group said the following about the song:

“‘One Foot In The Grave‘ is a song that would be the anthem for anyone who embraces the ups and downs that life throws at you, no matter how difficult. We felt a simple performance video that encompasses the raw energy of the track was the best way to get that point across.”

[via Metal Injection]

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