Corey Taylor Is Almost Done Recording Vocals For Slipknot’s New Album

During a recent interview that was conducted as part “Galaxy Con”, Corey Taylor revealed that he is almost done recording vocals for the new Slipknot album. The frontman says he only has about three more songs left to finish.

Taylor said the following:

“I was actually supposed to finish my vocals this week. I got screwed, man, [by the COVID diagnosis]. I actually only have really three songs left to do. I’ve done all the other tracks because I’ve been doing ’em in between tours, just fucking hitting it.”

He also added the following about the musical direction of the new material:

“I actually like this one better than the last one. I loved the last one. It’s really good. There’s some darker, heavier shit on it. There’s some tunes that are actually really outside the realm of what we’ve done before. But it all fucking coheses together — it all works together. And there’s some fucking savage heavy shit, which I’m really stoked on. So it’s gonna be rad.”

[via Blabbermouth]

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