Creeping Death To Release New EP “The Edge Of Existence” In October, Premiere Video For The Title Track

Creeping Death will be releasing a new EP titled “The Edge Of Existence” on October 8. The cover art and track listing for that effort can be found below:

“The Edge Of Existence” Track Listing:

01. “The Edge Of Existence”
02. “Relics From The Past”
03. “Humanity Transcends”
04. “Doused In Flames”
05. “Sacrament Of Death”
06. “Skinned Alive”

Trey Pemberton said the following about the EP:

“We’re aren’t trying to be the most innovative death metal band. We just want to be heavy and fun. You’ll hear a natural progression from ‘Wretched Illusions‘ to ‘The Edge Of Existence‘. And the next LP will be different, as well. Each release will be at least a little bit different from each other, but they will all still sound like Creeping Death. That’s who we are.”

You can find a music video for the effort’s title track below. Pemberton said the following about that:

“‘The Edge Of Existence‘ was the first of several new songs we’ve written since the onset of the pandemic. It begs that all too familiar question, ‘can people band together for a greater cause? Or will we continue to make the same mistakes until the end of civilization?’”

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