Megadeth Finish Re-Recording Bass Parts For New Album

Dave Mustaine previously revealed that the band were going to re-record former bassist David Ellefson’s parts on their new album and now it looks like they have already finished that process. However, it is still unclear which bassist was brought in for the sessions. Dave Mustaine told a fan the following in a recent Cameo video:

“I hear you’re a big pretty fan of ‘Fatal Illusion’ right now. That’s cool. Actually, we’ve got one song on the new album — it’s called ‘The Dogs Of Chernobyl’ — which is very similar to ‘Fatal Illusion’ in aggression. So I hope you like that song when you get the new record. It won’t be long. It’s a matter of finishing the parts when I get home today and tomorrow. Our bass parts are all done. And it won’t be long, so I’m looking forward to seeing you at the meet-and-greet. Until then, take care and stay metal.”

[via Loudwire]