Noctule (Svalbard) Streaming New Album “Wretched Abyss”

Svalbard’s Serena Cherry is streaming the debut album from her Noctule project, “Wretched Abyss,” in full via Kerrang!. You can check that out HERE. The record will officially be released on May 28. Cherry commented:

“National UK lockdown in 2020 meant two things for me: playing more guitar and playing more computer games! This album is the result of both of those things – a black metal album inspired by ‘Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.’ All these riffs, lyrics and melodies you hear on ‘Wretched Abyss‘ come straight from my heart, unfiltered. It was very liberating for me to write an album on my own, to indulge in all my weird ideas and grow them into songs. I learned a lot along the way – how to use Logic, how to programme drums and how to record vocals in a cupboard!”

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