KISS Return To Comics In New Dynamite Series “Phantom Obsession”

Dynamite have announced a new KISS comic book series called “Phantom Obsession.” The first issue will be released in August 2021. The comic was written by Ian Edginton and it also features contributions from artist Celor, colorist Valentina Pinto, and letterer Troy Peteri.

Here’s a description of the comic [via Blabbermouth]:

“As a young man in 1978, Darius Cho attended a concert of his favorite band, a memory that has stuck with him to this day. Now he is a massively wealthy tech giant, but mysteriously reclusive. Some even believe he may not exist at all, simply serving as a ghostly facade for an endless consortium of corporations. At least until KISS receives an all-expense invitation to play an exclusive concert for him. Playing for an audience of just Cho, his assistant and a crowd of “Westworld”-style androids invented by the mega-billionaire, everything seems a little off… Especially when the band wakes up in luxurious accommodations, but with no way to leave, and their powerful talismans stolen from them!”

The following was also added:

“In addition to a concert scene, of course, and the band’s fight to break free from Cho’s captivity, Edginton is tackling some serious questions in the series. Delving into science fiction territory with an exploration of humanity and identity by way of the androids. Which ties right into the band’s famous identities involving masks and makeup. Also featured will be a romp through a theme park, with reference and influence from major parts of Japanese culture like Godzilla and the horrific manga works of Junji Ito. But ultimately, Edginton confirms, ‘It sounds deep, but it’s mostly about robots, monsters, and blowing shit up!'”

Edginton further commented:

“It was 1977, in the U.K., and I was 14. I actually discovered KISS in issues #12 and 13 of Marvel’s Howard The Duck! I didn’t know who the hell they were, but loved the look. A friend of mine who knew his metal played me the ‘Love Gun’ album and I was hooked, which is why ‘Love Gun’ (song and album) has always been my favorite!”

Several covers will be available including ones created by Celor, Jae Lee, Stuart Sayger, and Tim Seeley.

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