Ben Orum (All Shall Perish, Oblivion) Recovering From Neck Surgery

Ben Orum (All Shall Perish, Oblivion, etc.) has revealed that he is currently recovering after undergoing neck surgery. He said the following about that on Facebook:

“Over the last 3 years I’ve had shooting electrical pains down my left arm and my fingers on my left hand have become completely numb (certifical radiculopathy). after two MRIs we descovered a pinched nerve in my neck with my discs almost completely eroded at my c5-c7 with severe spinal stenosis on top of this. I wasn’t comfortable sitting, standing, laying down but worst of all, picking up a guitar was almost impossible for me and that was very emotional. I decided it was finally time for neck surgery to fix it. Yesterday they replaced two of my cervical discs with artificial discs, and I’m happy to report I am already feeling relief. Time to slow down a bit and recover.. Send good vibes, Love you all.”

[via The PRP]

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