Demon Hunter To Release New Albums “War” & “Peace” In March

Demon Hunter will be releasing two new albums on March 1 including one titled “War“ and another one titled “Peace.“ You can pre-order them separately or as a deluxe hardcover book set HERE.

“War“ Track Listing:

01. “Cut To Fit”
02. “On My Side”
03. “Close Enough”
04. “Unbound”
05. “Grey Matter”
06. “The Negative”
07. “Ash”
08. “No Place For You Here”
09. “Leave Me Alone”
10. “Lesser Gods”

“Peace“ Track Listing:

01. “More Than Bones”
02. “I Don’t Believe You”
03. “Loneliness”
04. “Peace”
05. “When the Devil Come”
06. “Time Only Takes”
07. “Two Ways”
08. “Recuse Myself”
09. “Bet My Life”
10. “Fear Is Not My Guide”


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