Mayhem To Release Remixed & Remastered Version Of “Grand Declaration Of War”

Mayhem will be reissuing “Grand Declaration Of War” on December 7 via Season Of Mist. The effort has been remixed and remastered by Jamie Gomez Arellano (Primordial, Cathedral) under the supervision of Hellhammer and Blasphemer and it will feature new artwork by Glyn Smyth. Pre-orders can be found HERE in the following formats: vinyl, CD, cassette, and limited edition “A Season In Blasphemy” box set (limited to 1000).

The box set will include all of the following in a leather box:

– the original recording of ‘Grand Declaration of War’ on black heavy weight 12” vinyl in gatefold +
– the completely remixed and remastered recording of ‘Grand Declaration of War’ on black heavy weight 12” vinyl in gatefold +
-‘Chimera’ on black heavy weight 12” vinyl in gatefold +
-‘Ordo Ad Chao’ on black heavy weight 12” vinyl in gatefold +
-‘Wolf’s Lair Abyss’ on black 10″ vinyl in jacket +
-‘Ante Bellum’ (5 pre-production tracks from ‘Grand Declaration of War’) on black 10″ vinyl in jacket +
-‘Chaos Reborn’ (5 bonus tracks: “Ancient Skin”, “Necrolust”, “Visual Aggression”, “Anno Vampyr”, “Pagan Fears”) on black 10″ vinyl in jacket +
-‘Live in Marseille’ on DVD in carton wallet +
-32 page booklet size 30cm x 30 cm incl. liner notes, handwritten lyrics and rare pictures + hand-numbered art print on creative black paper w/ silver seal + back patch with MAYHEM logo.

Arellano said the following about remixing and remastering the album:

“It was a challenging remix to do, starting with the now obsolete format it was recorded in (ADAT). When we got the tapes, they were sent to a transfer specialist here in the UK and they were in an incubator for a couple of days to ensure they weren’t destroyed when played back on the ADAT deck (tape doesn’t age well if not stored correctly).

Although the overall recording of GDoW was done to a very high standard, the main two things that bugged me was the drum sound and the overall crispiness/digital thin-sound of it (ADAT’s don’t sound very good IMO). The biggest challenge (you guessed it) was the drums.

Hellhammer recorded on an early Roland Vdrum kit with real cymbals. Back then those clicky, super compressed drum sounds were cool, but I think most of us agree these days that it’s an unnatural sound and the samples themselves weren’t that good. I had to split each tom hit into a separate track, which was very time consuming.

I literally had to go pretty much though every drum hit to make sure the new samples were triggering correctly and believe me, there are A LOT of drum hits on this album. My goal was to make it sound more like a real kit. After much work and refining, Hellhammer came to visit me at my studio for a few days where we went through every drum track to ensure it was accurate to his performance.

The bass guitar pretty much didn’t exist. After bringing it it forward and beefing it up, I was surprised to hear some very cool bass lines that I’ve never noticed before. The recorded guitar sounds were killer actually, they were just a little thin and crispy so I gave them more “body” and a bit more “warmth” without hindering Rune’s quantum precision.

Maniac didn’t want any changes to his voice and I totally respect that. I painstakingly compared the original album vocal effects and levels to preserve it as close as I could. I ended up mastering the album to analogue tape to get a bit more warmth, depth and bottom end. I hope you all enjoy the new mix of this legendary album!”


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