Classic Deep Purple Albums To Be Reissued On Limited Edition Purple Vinyl

Eight classic Deep Purple albums, including: “Machine Head” (1972), “Made In Japan” (1972), “Who Do We Think We Are?” (1973), “Burn” (1974), “Stormbringer” (1974). “Come Taste The Band” (1975), “Made In Europe” (1976) and “Last Concert In Japan” (1977), are set to be reissued on limited edition vinyl on September 7 via Universal Music Group. All the efforts have been cut from digital transfers of the original master tapes at Abbey Road Studios and they will be available on heavyweight 180-gram purple vinyl. You can pre-order a bundle HERE, or pre-order the albums individually HERE. Drummer Ian Paice commented:

“These albums were recorded in the ‘analog age,’ that is before digital CDs. We went from recording tape to master cutting room to pressing plant, all of these mechanical processes, and its right that the listener should have the choice to listen to them via another mechanical process. By placing a needle on an ‘album’ on a turntable.”


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