Oblivion Premiere “It Has Become” Video

Oblivion have premiered a new video for their new song “It Has Become.“ This track is from the band’s latest album “The Path Towards…“

Vocalist/bassist Nick Vasallo commented:

“‘It Has Become‘ represents some of the main themes from ‘The Path Towards…‘: Despite the billions of years of evolution leading to humanity’s total preeminence, we have created a technological dominion that is quickly growing out of our reach.

The intertribal conflict and desire for material wealth that benefitted us millenia ago in a harsher, simpler world now chains us to the bottom of a rising ocean in which survival demands unity and order at a higher level. Our failure to surpass our limitations leaves a clear niche for a superior competitor to fill, to displace us, and to continue the cycle of oblivion.”

[via No Clean Singing]


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