3TEETH & Ho99o9 Share New Collaborative Track “[Time’s Up]”

3TEETH and Ho99o9 have shared a new collaborative track titled “[Time’s Up].” This is the second of two songs they worked on together, following “Lights Out.” Both tracks are now available digitally and on 7″ vinyl, via Bandcamp.

3TEETH commented:

“This one goes out to all the old guard hanging on by a thread who even in their final years still feel the need to impose their outdated bullshit dogma upon the next generations. This is not your time.”

Ho99o9 added:

“When it all comes down to the last string, and you’re at the end of the road, your personal opinions don’t matter, Your time is up. Far from relevant & close to termination. New day & age with fresh blood, there’s only one thing for you to do and that is die.”


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