Kobra And The Lotus Premiere “Losing My Humanity” Lyric Video

Kobra And The Lotus have premiered a lyric video for their new song “Losing My Humanity,” via Bravewords. This track is from the second part of their “Prevail” double album, “Prevail II,” which will be released on April 27.

The band commented:

“Ignorance is bliss. This song is the cynical point of view regarding the ways of human nature. We pretend we’ve been different but throughout history we have always been a barbaric and brash species. The silence kept during times of pain or unjust suffering is profoundly loud. Does it make us better when we stand by and say or do nothing when we know something is wrong? I would argue it makes us almost the same. Take the words figuratively or literally, I’m just calling it as I see it, even if it’s me taking a clear look at myself in the mirror.”


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