Spiritbox (iwrestledabearonce) Premiere New Song “The Beauty Of Suffering”

Courtney LaPlante and her husband Mike Stringer, who both performed in iwrestledabearonce, have started a new project called Spiritbox. The band will release a new EP on October 27, and the first single “The Beauty Of Suffering” can be heard below:

LaPlante said the following about the EP:

“Personally this record is really important for me because I finally was able to sing a lot. For Michael and me, it is our first collaborative effort since getting married and we wanted every song to reflect our commitment to structure and lyrical emotion, yet still maintain a distinct vibrancy and sound. The first four songs are one long piece meant to be listened to together. They are called ‘The Mara Effect.’”

Stringer added:

“We just wanted to focus on the material, and show our talents as seasoned professionals, but at the same time reflect what lies ahead, within a young and fresh vibe, not something from grizzly old jaded musicians.”

[via The PRP]


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