Epica Premiere “Immortal Melancholy” Video

Epica have premiered a new animated video for their new song “Immortal Melancholy.” This song is from the band’s new EP “The Solace System,” which will be released on September 1.

Keyboardist Coen Janssen told Billboard the following:

“There is one dimension that wants to take over all others by tricking them into opening a gateway through which the ‘Universal Death Squad’ can enter. In the upcoming videos, we learn if they will succeed.”

“The main thing I tried to do with the story is connect certain aspects of the album, artwork, live show and even previous albums. I love thinking in big concepts, and because it is an animated video, you can basically do whatever you like. [It’s] an easy way to connect the dots. I think the fans will get the connections and even find some Easter eggs that are hidden in the video.”


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