Slayer Film Inglewood, CA Show For New DVD

It looks like Slayer filmed their August 5 show at The Forum in Inglewood, CA show for a new DVD. The band have yet to announce the release, but Behemoth’s Nergal did confirm the news, prior to the concert:

“Playing in a legendary The Forum tonight. SLAYER is shooting DVD. Proud to be part of this historical day.”


Setlist For Inglewood, CA Show:

01. “Repentless”
02. “The Antichrist”
03. “Disciple”
04. “Postmortem”
05. “Hate Worldwide”
06. “War Ensemble”
07. “When The Stillness Comes”
08. “You Against You”
09. “Mandatory Suicide”
10. “Hallowed Point”
11. “Dead Skin Mask”
12. “Born Of Fire”
13. “Cast The First Stone”
14. “Bloodline”
15. “Seasons In The Abyss”
16. “Hell Awaits”
17. “South Of Heaven”
18. “Raining Blood”
19. “Chemical Warfare”
20. “Angel Of Death”


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