Warbeast To Release Final Album “Enter The Arena” In August

Warbeast have announced that their new album “Enter The Arena“ will be released on August 4. This will be the band’s final album, due to them disbanding as a result of Bruce Corbitt’s esophageal cancer diagnosis.

Corbitt said the following:

“We recorded ‘Enter The Arena‘ exactly a decade after we formed Warbeast. The nucleus and founding members of this band [guitarist Scott Shelby, drummer Joey Gonzalez, and Corbitt] provided the essential veteran leadership that was vital for us to reach our goal of creating our magnum opus.

The three of us also contributed our unique individual styles to guarantee that we still sound like Warbeast. But with the addition of our two newest members – guitarist Drew Shoup and bassist Lyric Ferchaud – who I call the ‘Youngbloods,’ it was like adding a breath-of-fresh-air to our chemistry. We definitely sound like a well-oiled-machine on this album. So get prepared for the upcoming onslaught of pure, fresh, and quintessential Texas thrash!”

“Enter The Arena” Track Listing:

01. “Centuries Of Poisoned Soil”
02. “Punishment For Gluttony”
03. “Orchestration Of Violence”
04. “Maze Of The Minotaur”
05. “Hitchhiker”
06. “Chemicals Consuming”
07. “Enter The Arena”
08. “The Scalping”
09. “Conjuration With The Devil”
10. “Ancient Hate”


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