New Years Day Drop Off Attila, Bad Omens, & Cane Hill Tour

New Years Day have dropped off their tour with Attila, Bad Omens, and Cane Hill, due to Ash Costello needing surgery for her broken foot. She posted the following:

It deeply saddens us to inform you that we are unable to continue on the Let’s Get Abducted tour. As you may or may not know, I broke my foot a few hours before we left for tour last week. Even in a cast I still wanted to play these shows. After my doctor check-up this morning, she showed me the bone in my right foot shifted, which will require surgery to fully fix. I am truly devastated to be missing any shows, especially with how great the tour has been. Thank you for understanding, and I promise we have some amazing things in store for you this year. -Ash Costello & New Years Day …. in addition : you guys mean so much to me. I didn't want to miss any shows, I knew how much you were all looking forward to seeing us, and despite the broken bones, I was determined to see it thru. But I trust the timing of my life, the timing of the universe, and even when shitty things have happened, it's always shown a light down a new path that's led to even better and greater things. Even tho this sucks right now, I know something positive will come from it. I want to thank @fronzilla and @chrisattila for being two fucking cool dudes. I was so looking forward to this tour. @badomensofficial and @canehill are incredible bands filled with perfect gentlemen who deserve for everyone to know just how sweet and kind they all are. My band members @jeremyvalentyne @joshingramdrums @nikkimisery and @frankiesil1 are the 4 best dudes on this planet. I've never felt more part of a family. Love you!

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