Two Unreleased Nirvana Songs Reportedly Surface Online

According to Alternative Nation, two unreleased Nirvana songs have leaked online, thanks to a fan who purchased an original reel on eBay. The reel, which is titled “The Pachyderm Sessions,” included multiple versions of “Dumb” and “Marigold,” along with the two unreleased tracks “Dave Solo,” and “Lullaby.” The recordings are all from a session that took place on Febuary 15, 1993.

“The Pachyderm Sessions” Track Listing:

1. “Dumb”
2. “Dumb” (Instrumental)
3. “Dave Solo”
4. “Marigold” (Instrumental)
5. “Marigold” (Instrumental)
6. “Marigold” (With Cello)
7. “Lullaby” (Instrumental)