Genocide Pact Premiere New Song “Purged Flesh”

Genocide Pact have premiered a new song titled “Purged Flesh.” This track is from the band’s new self-titled album, which will be released on December 3. Vocalist/guitarist Tim Mullaney commented:

“This was the first song to materialize for this record. It was kind of a mashup of two ideas- one being a heavy, standard verse chorus rock and roll ass beater and the other being psychedelic but in a negative way. I guess my idea was to have it sound like Jimi Hendrix if he hated everything and had a horrible attitude. Lyrically, this song deals with getting dealt a shitty hand in life and trying to self medicate and eventually realizing that you are running away from your problems on a treadmill and getting nowhere.”

[via Decibel]