King Ov Hell Leaves Abbath “Due To Conflicting Views On Lyrical Concepts”

Bassist King Ov Hell (ex-Gorogorth/God Seed, etc.) has announced that he is leaving Abbath. He said the following about that:

“King will no longer be part of Abbath due to conflicting views on lyrical concepts of the upcoming album. The lyrics are inspired by Swiss psychiatrist, Carl Gustav Jung. King finds that Jung’s connection to Christian mysticism is incompatible with the image of the band. I wish members of the actual band, label, and crew all the best for the upcoming shows and album. The music itself is nothing short of brilliant. However, I must maintain artistic integrity and respectfully step aside.” –King“

Dani Filth (Cradle Of Filth) Talks About Scrapped Temple Of The Black Moon Supergroup With Ex-Anthrax, Enslaved, The Cult, Etc. Members

Dani Filth (Cradle Of Filth, Devilment) recently discussed some of his favorite albums with HMV, and during the interview he talked a little bit about his Temple Of The Black Moon project, which also featured King (ex-Gorgoroth), Ice Dale (Enslaved), Rob Caggiano (ex-Anthrax, Volbeat) and John Tempesta (The Cult, etc.). Unfortunately the band kind of got scrapped, but Filth did say he may have Devilment cover those songs at some point.


Filth said the following:

“I was doing a band called Temple Of The Black Moon with King from Gorgoroth, Ice Dale from Enslaved, Rob Caggiano from Anthrax (although he’s now joined Volbeat) and John Tempesta from The Cult and White Zombie – and we were working on a record.

Actually, all the drums and the bass parts are still sitting with a record label. This is my opinion, when Rob left Anthrax the manager shelved it because he didn’t want Rob being distracted from earning loads of money for it. If that makes any sense. This was only a couple of years ago that it was recorded, and it’s a brilliant album.

The working album title was ‘CNT (all that’s missing is you)’ – it would have been amazing! I don’t know if it’s ever going to see the light of day, we wrote ten songs over roughly a four-year span and they’re all amazing – in fact I want Devilment to cover all of it – it might be the only way around the problem to be fair.

The manager just sat on it. The drums have been recorded in LA, and the bass. It would probably be too late now if it ever came out, it would sound primeval by then. It was cool – really rocky. It’s got an Anthrax and The Cult meets me and Gorgoroth, plus Enslaved feeling, and the guy from Dimmu Borgir was going to do keys on it.”

Head to HMV to read the whole interview about his favorite albums.