Hail Sagan Premiere “Haterbait” Video

Hail Sagan have premiered a new video for their new song “Haterbait.” This track will appear on the band’s new EP.

Frontwoman Sagan Amery commented:

“We’re all aware that bullying exists. It’s shoved down our throats every time we use social media, or go online. Every comment section, every post is plagued by people crushing each other verbally. And for what? To waste time? To fight over politics? Who has that much time on this planet that they want to waste it hurting each other? I’ve had to deal with big mouthed, keyboard warriors, ones who make false claims, or stir the pot and run away, and I’d rather not fight with them on a post. I’d rather them come tell me in person about how they feel. But cowards hide behind screens, so we one-upped them with a song and video. It’s basically an invitation to put up or shut up.”

She also added:

“I am very fond of old school hardcore music, it’s something that, along with punk, defined my childhood and teenage years. I came from a place in the world where people were raised to be very direct, so this new way of being rude to each other online, making a post, and running away, doesn’t really work for me. So we went hard on this song, both lyrically, and melodically. Everything else we’ve done has been more artistic, so we wanted a gritty, street kind of feel to the video, which I think we achieved.”

[via Music Monster]