Evanescence Announce Second Book In Their Graphic Anthology Series

Evanescence have officially announced the second book in their “Echoes From the Void” graphic anthology series. The latest comic, which is titled “The Revolution Of Cassandra,” takes a story written by film director Eric D. Howell and connects it to the band’s song “Use My Voice.”

Here’s a description of the book:

“In ‘The Revolution of Cassandra,’ a liberal, astrology-loving humanitarian is caught in the crossfire of a raging civil war and must save her sister from the firing squad of a brutal dictator. She beseeches help from a gun smuggler and inadvertently starts her own revolution. Cassandra stands up to be a light in the face of a cynical, unforgiving and brutal world, pulling everything she believes into question. Racing through minefields, above the jungle canopy and going head-to-head with an army, Cassandra has the stars and moon on her side — or so she believes.”

Frontwoman Amy Lee said the following:

“A few years back, my friend and video director Eric Howell sent me a screenplay he was writing called ‘The Revolution Of Cassandra’. This time, instead of a film, he wanted to make it into a graphic novel. As I read it, I kept hearing this song I’d been working on, ‘Use My Voice’, over and over in my head, because it felt like the song and Cassandra lived in the same world. The power of love, and truth, and sisterhood, standing up to the broken machine. Hanging on to the belief that humanity is worth fighting for. Eric later directed the ‘Use My Voice’ music video, which was truly a feat to accomplish during the height of the pandemic. Now it’s our turn to shine the light on to ‘The Revolution Of Cassandra’, the piece of art that helped fuel and inspire ‘Use My Voice’. This book in our ‘Echoes From The Void’ series will be completely dedicated to both projects, connecting the song and story just as Eric and I feel they were meant to be.”

Howell continued:

“‘The Revolution Of Cassandra’ is a story about a badass woman standing up for her beliefs in a cynical and hostile world. As one of my early readers, I asked Amy to write the forward for the graphic novel if she connected with it in any way. She had a strong response to the material and immediately sent me the sketch of a song she’d been working on. She really identified with a central idea in the story of ‘being for something, not against everything.’ The song and the story had this thematic echo as if we were each grabbing onto the same muse in the same moment — frankly, it was a bit of magic.”

Llexi Leon, CEO of Incendium, added:

“‘Use My Voice’ is such a powerful anthem, and when Amy explained the connection to Eric’s novel, I knew we had to showcase it as part of the anthology. ‘The Revolution Of Cassandra’ is a beautifully executed and compelling saga, I’m delighted to have the opportunity to offer this exclusive prologue in print for the first time.”

Pre-orders can be found HERE and they are expected to ship in December or January.

Evanescence Team Up With Incendium & Sweet For “Echoes From The Void” NFT Collection

Evanescence have partnered with Incendium and Sweet to create new NFTs inspired by the first issue of their graphic anthology series “Echoes From The Void.” Four digital pieces, including two collectors cards, a virtual souvenir coin, and a one-of-a-kind 3D interactive sculpture, are available HERE.

Evanescence’s Amy Lee commented:

“It’s been awesome to see the art and stories of Echoes From The Void evolve into the digital space. The series is becoming a showcase with so many talents adapting visions from songs in our discography. Diving into the world of digital collectibles let’s us add a new dimension to the characters and storylines that we’ve loved creating. I can’t wait to see what more we can do as the rest of Echoes From The Void unfurls!”

Incendium CEO Llexi Leon continued:

“Incendium has always been rooted in collectibles, be it comic books, figurines, or pin badges. We’re delighted to be partnering with Sweet to expand our offering in the digital space, and to collaborate with our in-house 2D, 3D, and animation talent to create new and exciting designs for digital collectibles. What better way to launch our NFT line than with Evanescence and Echoes From The Void, one of our most ambitious art and narrative projects that has spawned incredible imagery across comic books, art prints, and more. For those that missed out on the physical first printing of issue #1, these digital collectibles will be a great way for fans to get in on the ground floor and collect the series art. We can’t wait to launch our first of many exclusive drops.”

Sweet CEO Tom Mizzone added:

“We are very excited to partner with the innovative thinkers at Incendium on this first rollout with Evanescence. The creative designs of these NFTs are exceptional and offer Evanescence fans and collectors alike the opportunity to own verifiably unique and authentic digital works inspired by the Echoes From The Void graphic anthology series.”

Evanescence Announce “Echoes From The Void” Graphic Anthology Series

Evanescence have teamed up with Incendium and Heavy Metal Entertainment for a new graphic anthology series titled “Echoes From The Void.” The series will be released through the music-focused imprint Opus and pre-orders are available HERE.

Here’s a description of the comic:

“Echoes from the Void is a fantasy Graphic Anthology Series, begins with story themes based on songs from their upcoming March 26th release The Bitter Truth. This comic is available in limited-edition, includes two stories inspired by the songs “Better Without You” and “Wasted On You,” from the forthcoming Evanescence album with tales written by Carrie Lee South and Blake Northcott (Arena Mode saga, DC’s Catwoman). The issue will feature illustrations from Hugo Award-winning artist Abigail Larson and highly-esteemed painter Kelly McKernan.. [Issue 1 of 5]


First Print Edition Features:

– Limited to 3,000 copies
– Individually numbered
– Exclusive bonus content
– Specialty foil treatment
– Cardstock cover
– Glossy pages
– 48 pages”

A series of art prints from “Echoes From The Void” will also be available. The first one, which can be found HERE, was illustrated by Kelly McKernan and it “incorporates iconography and symbolism drawn from across the band’s discography.”

Amy Lee commented:

“I am so excited about this project series. The possibilities are endless. Collaborating across art forms like this is so unique, and it’s been fascinating to see how many different lives a song can have, like alternate realities. I look forward to working on this throughout the year and am so honoured to break open this new world for our music.”

Llexi Leon, CEO of Incendium, added:

“Reflecting Evanescence’s distinctive output, Echoes From The Void is equal parts haunting and whimsical; the pages are filled with beauty, loss, struggle, and triumph. It’s a fantastical journey that debuts a host of original characters and imaginative worlds that have been a joy to realize, and thanks to Amy pushing the envelope with every conversation, we’ve been able to curate a unique body of work that defies expectations of the medium.”