Doyle (Misfits) Set To Star In New Horror Film “Death Ward 13”

Doyle (Misfits) has been recruited to star in an upcoming horror film called “Death Ward 13.” He will play a killer named The Duke in the movie, which is essentially a reimagined version of the cult-classic “Don’t Look In The Basement.”

Doyle said the following:

”I’m looking forward to starting my movie career with a starring role in ‘Death Ward 13’. It’s time to release the beast on the big screen. Let the killing begin!”

Bruce Miyaki of Insane Management also commented

“With Doyle’s horror punk background, we’ve always been looking for opportunities to have him cross over into film, but nothing has sparked his interest until now. ‘Death Ward 13’ is a great breakout film for Doyle – his fans are going to love it.”

Director Todd Nunes added:

“I’m excited to work with Doyle. Doyle will be portraying a ruthless killer called The Duke – a psychopath and the most twisted and terrifying character in the movie. I’m a big fan of Doyle and his music and always thought he would make a menacing horror movie villain. With his threatening looks and massive build, this man will scare the crap out of everyone. Get ready for a horrifying ride!”

Film Synopsis:

“It’s 1973 and the Stephens Sanitarium for the Criminally Insane prepares to shut down permanently. Days before closing, four beautiful nursing students arrive to care for the last handful of “harmless” mental patients in a suspiciously understaffed ward. Confronted by their violent charges, the nurses soon realize that they are trapped inside the asylum with a deadly crew of vicious lunatics. Each patient has their own perverse identity, their own personal demons, and their own violent agenda. Pushed to the brink of insanity, the young nurses find themselves in a gruesome fight for survival inside Ward 13.