Former Massacre, Bolt Thrower, Etc. Members Join Forces In Troikadon

Vocalists Kam Lee (ex-Massacre, etc.), Dave Ingram (ex-Bolt Thrower, etc.), and Karl Willetts (Memoriam, ex-Bolt Thrower) have joined forces with guitarist Rogga Johansson (Paganizer, etc.), bassist Jonny Pettersson (Ashcloud, Wombbath), and drummer Travis Ruvo (Cropsy Maniac, Echelon, etc.) in a new band called Troikadon. Their full-length album “Triumvirate Of Death” will be released in 2018. Lee designed the below logo:

Ingram commented:

“We’ve all been busy as hell lately. Myself and Jonny are rehearsing for the Just Before Dawn live shows next year, plus I’ve had a few guest vocal spots to write and record. Rogga is writing and recording the second Garpedans album. Kam is using all of November to move house and then finishing up the next Nattravnen album with Jonny. Travis is working on multiple drum projects, including the new ECHELON album and Hellfrost & Fire’s debut, plus Karl has begun writing the new Memoriam album, ‘The Silent Vigil’. Not just busy as hell, but busy as all fucking hell!”

“We just wanted to let people know that everyone involved in this still has the same enthusiasm as when it was first suggested,” says Ingram. “The guitar and drums tracks are all but finished, and next there’ll be a pre-mix by Jonny (with bass tracks) so us three crumblies can get writing and recording the vocals. We’re setting up a Facebook page for future updates, so follow it here.”