The Sawtooth Grin Release New Album “Good.”

The Sawtooth Grin have released a new album titled “Good.” The effort serves as the band’s first in 20 years.

“Good.” Track Listing:

01. “Grand Sultan Summer”
02. “The Shining Wire”
03. “Afterlife Kids”
04. “I Don’t Need This”
05. “Niagara Falls, Frankie Angel”
06. “Bedtime”
07. “What’s Cremation?”
08. “That’s Just Swell”
09. “So Long, Dear Bellows”

The group commented:

“As the saying goes:

“Anything can happen on Halloween.”

I don’t know if you had “The Sawtooth Grin Releases a new album” in your rolodex of Tricks or Treats, but here we are.

“Good.” was written and arranged over long distances and timelines, in sickness and in health, by The Sawtooth Grin.

It was recorded at Backroom Studios By Kevin Antreassian.

You can buy the album digitally (By paying whatever you want) at:

Preorders for “Good.” on vinyl are live at:

There’s a collectors edition (That may be gone by the time you read this) and an unlimited, standard edition that’ll be on sale for 2 weeks!
But wait, there’s Incredible merch too!

Thanks to the Vessels, Wax and Merch, for taking such “GOOD” care of us.

Thank you for your patience and time.

“Honestly, I’m at a total loss for words. I think I spent them all writing this album. I’d like to say “Thank you, I love you.” to my Bandmates-In-Crime, and to anyone reading this. You all played a much larger role in making this happen than you realize.”


“The path to this album existing and being shared with the world has been incredibly long and difficult. I no more understand its actuality than I understand my own actuality. I’m instead filled with a sense of wonder by the two. The gratitude I feel for the opportunity to create this thing with people that are dear to me is beyond my capacity to articulate. We’ve made something that we feel is sincere and my sitting here typing my feelings about that is a reality I never thought likely, or possible, or deserved.”


“…It was weak and deformed, it felt like baby bird freshly mauled by twelve inch bicycle tires. It gazed upward to fix its crooked gaze on our stupefied mugs, and whispered hoarsely, “love you, too.”

Sprinkle gave Good a heart so it could be wounded. I gave it a brain so it could ponder its solitude. Rich gave it a voice so it could wrap itself around your throat. Dj gave it fists so it could smash. Kevin painted its portrait, so it could know itself.
It’s Good.”