Genocide Pact, Terrorizer, No/Más, Etc. Set For 2022 The Big Takeover Festival

The initial lineup has been revealed for the 2022 The Big Takeover festival. The event will take place in Richmond, VA on May 20-21 and it will feature the following:

May 20 (The Camel): Genocide Pact, No/Más, Mutually Assured Destruction, Restraining Order, and Restless Spirit.

May 20 (The Warehouse): Nosebleed, C4, Payload, and Burning Lord.

May 21 (The Broadberry): Terrorizer, Mindforce, Division Of Mind, Dead Heat, High Command, Downfall, Spy, C4, Final Gasp, Armor, Protocol, Vomit Forth, and Killing Pace.