Alan Cassidy Says His Slugdge Bandmate Matthew Moss Is Still Suffering COVID-19 Symptoms Months After Testing Positive

Slugdge vocalist/guitarist Matthew Moss is reportedly still suffering from symptoms of COVID-19 months after testing positive. He is among a group of people known as “long haulers,” who have been struggling to shake symptoms associated with disease. Slugdge drummer Alan Cassidy (also of The Black Dahlia Murder) revealed the news, while sharing a CNN article about “long haulers”:

“This happened to our vocalist from @Slugdge and people need to understand the real repercussions of this sickness. Just cause you survive doesn’t mean you’re fine. Stop being a fucking plague rat”

[via The PRP]

The Black Dahlia Murder Drummer Alan Cassidy Joins Slugdge

Slugdge have announced the addition of drummer Alan Cassidy (The Black Dahlia Murder) and bassist Moat Lowe (Novena) to their lineup. Cassidy commented:

“As soon as I heard Gastronomicon’s first riff I knew it was great. The dark melodic opening hooked me immediately. I knew they were a two-piece. I’ve been telling Kev for years that I’d love to put some real drums to it!”

You can read more about the additions at and pick up Slugdge‘s new album “Esoteric Malcology” now.